We practice Chung Do Kwan style (which translates into "blue wave") of Tae Kwon Do which is rooted in older Korean martial arts. Tae Kwon Do basically means "The way of the hand and foot". The style emphasizes strong, quick techniques such as blocks, punches, and kicks to disable an opponent. No weapons are used. Being partially influenced by the tiger, it is a strong, fast, and powerful martial art.

The North Carolina Chapter is part of the USA Tae Kwon Do Masters Association, led by Master Jack Emmel in SC, Master Ron Geoffrion in NM, Master Jim Cahill in NY and Master Ralph Rubino in TX. We are part of the Southeast Division (North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia), overseen by Master Emmel, 7th degree black belt, who instructs in Isle of Palms near Charleston, SC. David Robinette, 5th degree black belt, located in Charlotte, NC, teaches in Concord which is near the Charlotte area. Phil West, 2nd degree black belt, is the senior instructor for the Raleigh area. See the Classes page for detailed information on specific classes. Students of all ages, 10 and up, are welcome.

See our recent photo of some Raleigh students and trophy winners!

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